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Helper Happy and The Secret of Friendship
Helper Happy and Uniting a Family
Helper Happy and Asking for Help
Helper Happy and Taking The Right Decision

This is the story of Rainbow, the little giraffe girl, and Lila, the bird chicklet, whose lives start under a rainbow at the same moment. An unexpected event brings them together, leading to a wonderful friendship between two very different animals. Dip into this colorful and cheering story of friendship and let yourself be convinced that being “different” can just as well be the cause of having fun — and an extraordinary and close friendship.

Happy knows what it takes to be happy. Like his grandparents before, he brings help and joy to the inhabitants of Palm Island. He supports people and animals with their daily routine. Sometimes, though, a special challenge awaits him, like today. A little turtle needs help. Will Happy find a way? This warm and colorful story takes you along to the path of being happy. Don’t be surprised if the story puts a smile on your face, too.

This is the story of two best friends ready for an adventure and professor bird knowing the exactly suitable challenge for them. However, not everything goes according to plan.

Find out who will save whom and why asking for help can sometimes be important.

Everybody is looking forward to Christmas, the biggest and merriest celebration on Palm Island which is coming soon. Happy can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree, but an unforeseen event happens. He has to take an important decision which could mean that the Christmas tree won’t look as majestic this year as they all expect.

Which is the right decision, and will Happy manage to take it? Dip into a heartwarming Christmas story on the tropical Palm Island.

Palm Tale Design has written and illustrated 4 children picture books under the brand & series name „Helper Happy“. Children from the age between 2 to 8 are attracted by the fully illustrated hand drawings in vivid colors. These tales can be read to kids from an early age and later can be read to improving their reading skills. The language in each book is overlooked by experts in order to use a children friendly language as well as educational naming such as using correct vocabulary for items. An example is saying chicklet and not „baby chicken“. Also, the subjects of all four books is not to write about super powers or an individual that is always a hero. The stories focus on learnings from parents through their children’s early childhood years and cover subject how to build character, social behavior and knowledge of happiness from the heart. Palm Tale Design‘s aim is to enrich and support a time of growing up with less confusion for kids and give them a beautiful understand of reality and what reality can be. also hosts the website,

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